A guide to improve the odds of winning in lottery games: Why buying an instant game is better than buying a lottery ticket

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It is no surprise to find that many people, now probably more than ever spend countless amounts of money trying to win the lottery top prize. The reality is that lottery institutions collect millions of dollars, even when someone wins. Take for example a few days ago when two people won over 160 millions. In essence lottery institutions do not lose money, just consider how much they collect from the millions of people that are easily drawn by billboards detailing how much is at stake, and those that regularly play; no matter what the prize is. 

While it is true that this article will not guarantee anyone to always win that top prize, chances are that taking advantage of available resources will definitely increase the <u>winning odds</u>. Rather than spending money in lottery tickets, thanks in part to the economy, advertising and compulsive- buying behaviors; a quick look at some facts can prove beneficial, not only to the pocket but also to the odds of getting a similar desired prize.

In reality few people have been able to claim a top prize, yet. However, many have gained a lot more than what they have invested. The key to this is to look for information readily available before spending another dollar buying a lottery ticket, and in basing the buying decision on facts rather than desire.  
In a nutshell, for quite some time now, the attention has shifted to buying instant games instead of spending in a lottery quick pick. If one looks at the odds of winning the lottery, and the uncertainty of what the numbers will be that day, then it is almost impossible to win.

In contrast, concentrating in playing instant games or scratch offs as they are commonly known; increases the chances when knowing what to look for. Think about this for a second; would you rather buy those games which top prizes have not been claimed?

Lottery corporations do not disclose certain information for obvious reasons; for example how many tickets were printed for a certain game. They do however disclose winning odds, and in fact websites in almost every state participating in lotteries post how many top prizes there are, and how many of those have already been paid; something that can definitely be beneficial for those that love playing.

The problem is that many do not know how to find such information, and spend countless amounts of money buying instant games and winning nothing or very little. Here are some quick steps that would certainly increase the chances of winning in an instant game.

• Locate the state lottery’s website.
• Read carefully until finding the Instant games tab, available instant games or similar wording.
• Once there, look at available games, their prize, how and where to play.
• While most lottery sites differ on how they present information, usually clicking the game name will bring the information you are looking for — overall wining odds and top prizes.
• Take note of the overall winning odds and how many top prizes are still available — that is the difference between top prizes and top prizes claimed.
• Finally, now you know which instant games to play! After all, it does not make any sense to play a game which overall odds are very high, or those which top prizes have been exhausted; no matter how pretty the ticket looks like.

As you can see the process is not complicated, and your chances of winning are greater if you spend your money on what is available.

Now that you know what to look for, and how to get a better chance at claiming your instant ticket top lottery prize, just play responsibly and have fun!


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