How to Play as Kirby in Super Smash Bros. Brawl Part Two: Offense

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Maximize and diversify your attacks. Kirby’s light and easy to control, and his moves are quick for the most part, so keep your opponents guessing by cycling through most if not all of your moves.

If you can, corner your opponent(s) up against a wall or object and hold down the A button. This will unleash a fast and furious continuous attack that will keep your opponent(s) pinned down for quite some time while their damage meter lights up.

Juggle your opponent in the air using a combination of air and ground attacks. The higher his or her damage meter, the easier it will be to keep them up there. Use your ground up smash in addition to your air up A and neutral A (just the A button). When ready, finish the juggling with air left A.

Do not use Kirby’s hammer while on the ground. Although it causes more damage, it’s also one of Kirby’s slowest attacks. Any experienced opponent will have time to dodge or strike, so stick to using the hammer in the air. It’s much quicker and still packs a mighty fine whack when it hits. If a player is stunned or moving slow as a result of the timer item, then it’s okay to use. Or you could simply use a fully charged smash attack.

Kirby’s A button moves on both the ground and air are all quickly executed, so take advantage of this and, when you have an opening, try different combo combinations. For example, rushing forward and pressing A will dish out a whirling kick. If the entire kick hits, your opponent will fall back slightly. You can quickly then proceed with an airborne triple kick by jumping, titling the control stick to the right, and pressing A. Or you can try tilting the control stick forward and pressing A to get a few kicks in before unleashing a quick, uncharged smash attack. Learn how to take advantage of Kirby’s speed so that you can land multiple hits within seconds of each other. Combine speed with quick dodges and you’ll see how you can keep your opponent on the defensive.

Kirby’s stone transformation is, as mentioned before, both an offensive move and a defensive move. Offensively, the attack can be easily dodged if you are trying to float overhead and your opponent is watching. In three or four player matches, it’s easier to land a hit with stone because the other players may be occupied with fighting each other or watching other opponents. Stone works well if an opponent has flung you up in the air and is now trying to jump up and hit you as you come down. Try to use the move when they come real close to meeting you in the air and have little time to dodge or move.  Stone works really well if a smash ball is floating around and if you can get above the ball, use the stone move. Other players will be trying to crack the ball open, so there’s a good chance you’ll hit them and quite possibly bust the ball open for yourself. You can also run up to an opponent while on the ground and quickly use the stone transformation. The damage won’t be much, but if your opponent’s damage is already quite high and is near the edge, the move will push them right of the side. If they start to recover in time, trying intercepting by jumping off and using down A to push them further down.

Kirby’s final cutter can cause a good amount of damage if all three parts of the attack hit. When using this move to attack rather than recover, don’t move the control stick after the initial up B push. This should allow you to hit your opponent on the way up, on the way down, and then with the energy wave. When there are three or four players, and a couple of them are fighting near the edge, perform the final cutter so the energy will push them off the side. Sometimes, a player doesn’t realize what’s happened until it’s too late, and you’ll get a point, unless of course the other player(s) that went over hit the player again as they were going over the side.

Use Kirby’s excellent jumping ability to jump over your opponent’s attack and land a down A drill kick when possible. This is a very effective move because it does decent damage and allows you to follow-up with another move while right on top of your opponent, such as your down smash move.

When your opponent has been knocked off the stage and is attempting to return, try jumping off the stage and intercepting with your down A attack before returning to safety. This is a drill kick that can push your opponent down to his or her doom. Kirby lacks a true blue spike attack, that is, a move that propels your opponent downwards, but if your opponent’s damage meter is high enough, the drill kick can effectively work in the same manner as a spike attack. A more risky move would be to stand on the edge of the stage and perform the final cutter move just as your opponent is about to return to the stage or grab onto the side. For this to work, you need near precise timing, but if you can just touch your opponent with the final cutter blade as Kirby is coming down with it, you can knock them straight down and cost them a life. Again, this works sort of like a spike attack and it requires your opponent to have taken quite a bit of damage for them to plunge downwards. Be warned, if you use the final cutter move too close to the edge, you may plunge downwards yourself with no hope of recovery.

If you have been knocked off the stage and your opponent is close to the edge hoping to intercept you, use Kirby’s inhale move to capture them in midair or pull them off the stage if you are close enough. Allow yourself to drop down below the stage and spit them out. Don’t copy his or her special move, be sure you just spit them out as that will propel them to the right for a couple of seconds before they can move at all. Most characters won’t be able to recover from that kind of drop, but Kirby can as long as you still have most of your recovery jumps left. This strategy likely won’t work against characters with excellent recoveries, such as King Dedede, Pit, or possibly another Kirby player.

Use Kirby’s inhale move to pull an opponent in, then spit him or her back out without copying his or her abilities when near another opponent or explosive item. It can be a powerful move that can result in a KO if the opponent you aimed for has a high enough damage percentage or if the opponent you just shot out of Kirby’s mouth hits an explosive item.

If you have been knocked off the stage and feel you won’t make it back, try using Kirby’s hammer in the air. Not only will it slow your descent a bit, it will also carry you forward, and thus closer to landing on solid ground.

Kirby’s final smash is, admittedly, not the best. It does 34% damage and that’s it. Depending on whether there are items on the field at the time, new items may emerge from Kirby’s pot. This isn’t so helpful in free-for-all matches because other players may be able to sneak up and grab the new items before you can, but in team battles it can be a game changer. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the final smash, be near your opponents so they get thrown in the pot. Be aware that your opponents can avoid being caught by dodging or being far enough away. If you are close to your opponent and they are near the top of the screen, use your final smash as they might be high enough in the air to be launched and sent into the background even if his or her damage meter isn’t real high. Be careful if you try to use your final smash off of the stage as once it ends you’ll need to get back to solid ground with what recovery jumps you have left.

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