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Bukisa and Triond. I personally like them both. Easy money, great support, and in the end, your writing gets better. But most of us like to know which one is better. I have created a list that will show you the pros and cons of each.

If you want to Join Triond, click here.

If you want to join Bukisa, click here.

I. Bukisa


You write about anything you want as long as it is in article form and at least 400 words.

There is no deadline for your work. You can write whenever.

It is connected with Stumble Upon, which is a very good traffic site. You do not even have to sign up for stumble Upon.

Articles are posted right away.

Bukisa posts the articles on one site.

You can copy your articles from Triond as long as IT BELONG TO YOU.

You can choose either to copyright your work or not.

If you invite people, you earn a share of their earnings.

You can post videos and audio.

Revenue is very good. About 1 cent per 3 views.


Revenue can be slow at first. A good groundbreaking article ought to help that.

You must make at least $10 of revenue to cash into paypal, unlike Triond where you only need to make 50 cents.

You cannot post pictures or poetry, which is a bummer for you artists out there (me).

You are updated only once per day on your daily revenue.

II. Triond


You can write about anything.

There is generally no minimum of word you must have, but having a longer article is better

You can post Poetry and Pictures.

Gaming articles are big.

You can post videos and audio.

Your work is automatically published and copyrighted.

There is no deadline for your work. You can write whenever.

Your Triond profile is much more comfortable looking and better organized.

Revenue is very good depending on what you write.

You only need to make 50 cents to Cash in your revenue.

There’s is very active forum.

You can post in different languages.


Some articles pay more than others and some articles require alot of views per cent.

You must post on Triond first, you can’t link your articles to Triond.

It can take to hours or even days for work to be published.

There are many sites that are connected to Triond, so it is hard to find what subject you may want to research.

There is no invites or referrals to Triond, so no referral money.

Triond is associated with “Outbrain”, not as popular as “Stumble Upon”. You do not need to sign up for Outbrain, and Stumble Upon can still be used for Triond.

Spelling is a must.

III. My Opinion

It is really up to you, whether Triond or Bukisa is better, it is your opinion. If you are smart, Post on Triond first then copy the article to Bukisa. The more you write, the better your revenue. Simple as that.


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