What’s so good about Facebook?

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You will first have to create a facebook account before understanding this powerful tool. Begin by going to “Sign Up for Facebook”. Fill out your full name, the email you want to register, your password and birthday. Be sure to carefully enter the security check word. Click Sign Up.

Next go to your email, and find the confirmation email that was sent. Click the email to complete your registration. The link will lead to the ‘getting started page’. You can look for friends here through email and other methods. ‘Fill Out Your Profile Info’ page is next. Choose a ‘Network’ which can include both your school and location (eg New York).

Your facebook is created…but far from done. Try searching for as many friends as you can remember. Look for old friends by searching groups. Look for new friends by searching for their emails. You can even use the Friend finder to look for friends. Facebook will try to find potential friends by matching mutually people from each account.

So how is facebook a powerful tool? Well..it is one of the biggest online networks (I believe only myspace is bigger). But the one difference is the “Share” ability. By simply clicking the Share button for articles of interest, you’ve just given all your friends the potential to view what you’re interested in. Amazing, right?

If you share one of your great articles, and 200 of your friends click your link..that’s 200 additional clicks you wouldn’t have had before. These clicks can add up to additional revenue. Don’t believe it?

Believe. Obama used the internet to his advantage. Facebook groups, articles, etc were filled with Presidential news making this recent election the most followed in recent year (disregarding the fact that Obama would be the first Black President, of course). He has even been called The First “Wired” President. If he used the internet to promote his cause, and catapult himself into the President..what else can internet social networks do for you?


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