Reducing your dependency on asthma inhalers

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The following tips can provide you with relief that is quick, natural, and inexpensive. All of these can be taken as an aid to help you breathe and possibly get you to a point that you can reduce the use of inhalers.On a daily basis begin to take Ester C. Make sure that you get a timed release tablet with 1000 mg. Ester C is time released to it lasts all day and your body actually can absorb the material. This specific vitamin boosts your respiratory system and builds antioxidant levels. In addition also take odorless Omega 3 Fish Oil. The fish oil fatty acids help support your cardiovascular system which is extremely important for an asthmatic. When a person has asthma there are certain foods that also trigger an attack, research some of these things before you just begin to take a medication that may not be the best option for you. Every single person is different in their response to medication and natural treatments, however, there are preventative and supplimental measures that can be taken on a daily basis.

Go to a natural pharmacy or look online and purchase a homeopathic medicine that is specifically designed for Asthma. Most natural pharmacy or websites offer many types of all natural treatments that are safe and will not interfere with your medication.Start to take Mullein leaf extract in water. You can purchase mullein leaf at a natural pharmacy or website. Mullein helps you naturally support your respiratory system.

And last, but not least,get daily exercise that is important for your cardiovascular system and your lungs. As an asthmatic you may not be able to have intense exercise at first but it is important you start slow and work up to a daily routine, even if it is walking.


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