How Much Money Can I Make With Avon?

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Becoming an Avon representative is an option for many women and men who want to work from home. But before joining Avon, many people wonder how lucrative a career it really is. While many people do find success with this at-home business, it is difficult to make a lot of money in the beginning. Several factors do contribute to your success as an Avon representative.

First, many recruiters will tell a potential representative that they will earn 50 percent of the items they sell. What often gets left out is that a representative only gets a guaranteed 50 percent profit during the first four selling cycles, or campaigns, which happen every two weeks. After the four campaigns, the amount of profit usually is much less, because to maintain a 50 percent profit you have to sell at least $1, 550 worth of products. While it is not impossible, it is extremely hard to sell that much every campaign. Most people tend to only earn between 20 and 40 percent after their initial four campaigns. Also, what you make for profit is what is left over after buying books for each campaign, demos, samples, and other business tools. It all adds up and if one is not careful, it can eat up much of your profit.

It is best to go into selling Avon if you already have a large network of family, friends and co-workers. These people will be your first customers before you branch out and meet new people looking to buy Avon. If very few people are willing to buy from you in the beginning, it can be hard to make any profit.

Becoming an online representative, or “E-rep”, means that you can also have customers buy Avon from your website. The website is through Avon, but you can customize it. Anyone looking for a representative in their area can find one on the Avon website and be directed to a representative’s website from their area. This is a great way to reach new customers.

The economy has played a role in how successful an Avon representative can be. While it makes sense to buy products from a company that has competitively priced health and beauty products, many Avon representatives have seen drops in their sales. It is a difficult time for many businesses, and while Avon is still the #1 direct selling company, many people selling Avon are not seeing sizeable profits.

 The success of your Avon business depends largely on how much effort you put in to building a large customer base. Branching out in your community by leaving books on people’s doors, in restaurants, and in other businesses can help you reach people looking to buy Avon products.  The bigger the customer base, the larger the number of items sold each campaign. This will result in a bigger profit for you. Success is possible, but you really have to work at it!


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