I Am Not What I Am : A Poem

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I do not know the name of the sky
I only know myself as the burden of my breath
What if truth bears no resemblance to who I am
What I am is what I am not I say
Who is there to measure the silence of death
As death enhances my world of horizon
As if I am the life unto death
Where the world spreads my burden of breath all around.
Am I the life of my self?
Am I the I propagating life into the life
And death into the death in an endless voyage to eternity?
Or, Am I the horizon of the overcast sky
Upholding the truths and beauty of my days and nights?
It is all along the line of dwarfing shadows
It is all along the coastal line of life I see the harbour
Where light is born into light spreading darkness aside
I long for the twilight when I ask the twinkling images
The twinkling images ask me who I am and what I am for
It is the twilight of death sowing the seeds of nothingness
Still I smell the beauty of my sacred silence
The beuty that leaves no marks of footsteps
The beauty that says nothing of my wilderness
I am the limelight of those withering times
I am the earthly desire of my worldly weal and woes
What if I do not know the colours of disappearing days and nights
Still I feel like holier-than-thou in circle of circumstances
As there is no one to break the waves of the ocean
As virtues die in essences of vices
As if I am caught inside the blue breeze of impermanence
Drowning me in a whirlpool of web of life.

I listened to the herkening oracles of the ages
I deconstruct the images of long known fairy tales
When my life goes up in flames of sudden cataclysm
I rise from the ashes like in a circle of circumstances
If God asks me to pray for salvation
I bow to the grace of immortalisation
And when I know I am not what I am
It is only the burden of my breath that liberates me
From the burden of eternal imancipation.


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