Jolicloud Beta Preview: New OS For Netbooks

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Most netbooks these days come with WindowsXP, with the exception of a few Linux-based custom operating systems (we’re looking at you, Asus). With a gradual shift toward more open-source and free alternatives happening each day, it’s little wonder OS alternatives like Jolicloud have popped up. While its not your run of the mill OS as it requires you to be constantly connected via 3G, it does offer a rich user experience.

Jolicloud: The Iconoclast
Jolicloud setsitself apart by mainting a sleek user interface. The moment you install Jolicloud, this is the login screen you are presented with. As you can see, it’s sleek and not too cluttered, whis very easy on the eye.


In addition to shattering the traditional notion of an operating system Jolicloud functions entirely in the cloud. That means your data is saved on remote servers, so no matter which of your computers you are using that have Jolicloud installed, you’ll always be in sync. This is perhaps the greatest feature offered by the new operating system. So, what exactly does Jolicloud look like?

Sleek & Intuitive
Jolicloud has been designed from the ground upo provide an extremely easy to use desktop experience. All of your favorite online applications are immediately at your fingertips, with a simple one-click install.

With access to countless online apps, such as Gmail, M, Twitter, Skype, Dropbox, and Facebook, with more growing each day, you’ll never have to do without. In addition, if an app you really enjoy has a portable version which it yet inclided in Jolicloud, you can bet it will be added soon.

As you can see by the screenshot, Jolicloud’s interface is extremely easy to understand and simple to follow while remaining intuitive enough to satisfy even the most veteran users. There is absolutely no evidence that Jolicloud is a Linux based OS, as it is designed and themed beautifully, which means you’ll be able to find everything right at your finger tips.

There currently no exact number for the applications which are available on Jolicloud, but all of the ones I used were available, including some of the more obscure apps, such as Netvibes.

Staying in the Loop
One of the greatest features of Jolicloud is that it automatically checks all of your installed apps for updates. If an update is found, it will notify you immediately. This makes it easier than ever to keep all of your installed applications up to date, without having to constantly check the application’s website, as you would have to do on Windows-based operating system.


This same auto-updating feature also applies to the Jolicloud OS itself, which means you’ll know exactly when its time to update.

With such a streamlined updating process, Jolicloud is idea for old and new users a like. Even if you’ve never had anything to do with a Linux operating system, you’ll find Jolicloud sleek and simple to use.


Jolicloud is currently compatiable with Adobe Flash, AIR, and Linux & Windows applications which you might run on your traditional desktop. This means you can belt out a few tweets on TweetDeck on your deskto while you are at home, then saddle up your notebook and head to the coffee shop to check your replies. Since you can take all your favorite applications with you, there’s no reason to be without, with Jolicloud.

All in all, Jolicloud is shaping up to be a pretty solid operating system for people who are on the go.


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