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These are some old beliefs from pioneer days that I have come across. Some are still in use today, some are quite similar to beliefs from other cultures and some just make you shake your head.

Always carry newborn babies upstairs or lift up high before taking them downstairs, so that they will rise in the world. This old belief seems to be found in many cultures throughout the world.

Opals are bad luck unless they are your birthstone. My mother still believes this one and will not wear an opal, even though she loves the look of them.

Never walk over a person’s legs, it’s bad luck, unless you walk back over them.

When a horse yawns the weather will change. I was around horses all the time growing up and I can’t remember the weather changing when they yawned…..maybe there was a delayed reation.

When oxen become unruly a thunder storm may be expected. This one makes sense, animals can sense changes in the weather.

Should you borrow salt, never return it…..it’s bad luck. I guess if you spilled it, that would be really bad luck?

Do not marry on your birthday, death will soon part you. This one is completely false. I know a few people who gotten married on their birthday and after many years everyone is still kicking.

If a cat, while washing herself, puts her paw over her ear, there is company coming. If this were so how would anyone get anything done?

A number of Blue Jay’s in your garden is a sign of rain. A number of Blue Jay’s in my garden means I’ve just filled up the bird feeders.

If you split wood on Sunday, you’re sure to hear of a death very soon. I think this might have something to do with the Christian belief of working on Sunday.

When sparks fly from a wood fire in the winter time a soft spell(mild weather) is near. Or you just threw a piece of dry pine on the fire.

Never leave a loaf of bread upside down. Someone will die or a ship may sink. This would explain all the terrible things that happen everyday.

If there is a large hole in the centre of a loaf of bread, it foretells a death in the family. I make my own bread and once in a while this does happen but I haven’t lost a family member yet because of it.

Never cut finger or toe nails on a Friday, it’s bad luck.

If a bird flies against the window, it’s a sign of death. For the bird?

If a bird flew into your house a death in the family would follow. This has happened a number of times and no deaths have occured, busted.

Onion skins are very thin, Mild weather coming in

Onion skins are thick and tough, Coming winter cold and rough.

We always used oranges for this if the orange had thin skin it would be a mild winter, if it had thick skin it would be a hard winter.

If the first snow of the year melts with rain, so will every snowstorm the rest to the winter. You know what, I’ve been keeping track of this over the past six or seven years and this one seems to be true.

A ring around the moon means storm or rain is on the way.

Never tell a bad dream before breakfast as something bad will happen.

If you think a person has bewitched you, draw a picture of that person and tack it to a board or tree and shoot it with silver. The person will have a terrrible pain or sickness where the silver struck the picture.

If a black cat crosses your path, turn back and start again.

If you have heartburn while you’re pregnant the baby is sure to have lots of hair.

If parents fight a lot before a baby is born, it is sure to have colic.

Don’t throw egg shells into the fire until the cake is done or the cake will be spoiled.

A crescent moon with ends tipped up will be a dry moon. If standing up and down so the water can run out, it will be a wet moon.

If it is raining when the sun is shining, the devil is beating his wife.

Sun sets clear on friday it will storm before monday.

Smoke curling high in the air from the chimney means a fine day.

If a hen stays out in the rain, it will rain for hours.

If you knock on wood, you’re thanking your leprechaun for all the good fortune that you have and hope that he’ll continue to do for you. Okay who doesn’t do this?

It is believed that for a few seconds while you are sneezing the devil has crept into your body and if you say bless you it will chase the devil away.

To drop scissors means a visitor for you, one who’ll bring you welcome news and stop you feeling blue.

Violets in autumn mean an epidemic.


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