Broken Heart Poem & About Love

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POEM - Broken Heart - The Pain - The Tears - The Hurt - Love is Blind 

Why am I so jealous I have no claim To her, she is not Mine to call my own So why, when I hear She’s found someone, I Shed tears of bitter strife My heart feels crushed Within my chest, I want To scream, but I can’t So I’m screaming silently for no one Truly understands Just what I’m going Through. I wish I Could take back my Feelings. Go back in Time and stop myself From admitting how crazy She makes me, each and Every day, every hour Only she can hurt me so And of that, she hardly Knows. And in ignorance She shall remain, for as She moves on I stay the Same. Is it my fault My heart pledged itself Without my permission? You can not possibly call me At fault. I hate love. Want To bleed my heart dry before It withers away in pain.

ABOUT LOVE - Feelings - Ability 

Love is not a feeling, love is an ability, its something everyone can do.we all have that ability.but feelings of each other are not same,everyone feelings are not everyone have ability to one can see love,no one can touch love,but feel the love.we feel it when we are been loved by the one who loves us, who have the ability to love can love and the one who feels it too who have the same ability can feel it.

For A Special Person

Hide my tears when I say your name but the pain in my heart is still the sameAlthough I Smile & Seem CarefreeThere is no one Who misses you more than ME!


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