How to Enrich and Deepen a Loving Relationship

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Extended Summary:

As time wears on and routines set in, affection and spontaneity can begin to fade from a once loving and fun relationship. One partner can start to take the other for granted or become enveloped in work without realizing the cost of neglecting the one he or she chose to spend the rest of life with. Simply because a couple return from their honeymoon to start a new life together does not mean the honeymoon should end. By allowing the honeymoon to end, a couple is in fact jeopardizing their future together. There are both little and big things that one can do to ensure he or she does not lose the love of his or her life to things that don’t mean anywhere near as much.

Steps to Take:

Don’t wait for a special occasion such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, to purchase a special gift of some sort for the person that you love. Try to buy something that you just know he or she will enjoy, and then, once you arrive home, keep it out of sight until you have time to place it where your partner will discover it on his or her own. This can be both a fun and thoughtful way of expressing one’s love.

If your partner wants to talk to you, be sure to stop what you’re doing to listen. Even if you’re about to leave for work or if the commercial break is ending on TV, just stop and hear what he or she has to say. What is important to your partner should be just as important to you, so listen and then offer a thoughtful comment, opinion, or suggestion. Your partner will appreciate the help and you’ll feel good knowing you helped to solve a problem or put to ease a concern that was bothering your significant other.

Offer a supportive smile, a playful wink, or some other facial gesture when appropriate. Much can be said without saying anything at all, so show that you care by doing just that. It’s one of the purest and most sincere ways of expressing emotion and it can really warm the heart, excite the mind, or calm the soul.

Make time to do the things that you know your partner gets a kick out of. You might not hold the same degree of interest as he or she does in those things, but just seeing your partner have a good time should be reason enough to consider it time very well spent.

Leave little notes or messages here and there from time to time. They can be comical or supportive in nature and brighten your partner’s day or provide him or her with a laugh or two. Be sure to your partner discover it on his or her own – you may even find a note or message in response. It’s a simple but fun way of communicating, keeping a playful spirit alive and kicking, and perhaps even providing support on a difficult day.

Whenever you feel anger or frustration building inside of you, direct it away from your partner. Even if he or she made a mistake or said something unkind due to something that has happened in his or her life, don’t respond with anger or sarcasm. It’ll only make matters worse. To calm yourself down, just remember why you fell in love with that person, and once you have a cool head, try to help your partner cool down as well. Once you are both at ease, it will be far easier to look at the problem and come up with a solution together.

If you have a habit that bothers, disgusts, or annoys your partner, try to put an end to it. After all, your home is your partner’s home, and if you truly care for him or her, you’ll want to make the home as comfortable and free of irritation as possible. Annoying habits can really wear down a person’s nerves after some time as well as become part of a larger problem that could cause friction and issues in later years.

Try to help out your partner when you can to make life easier for him or her. Even if he or she doesn’t ask you first, ask if there’s anything that you can help with or go get. It’s safer and better to ask rather than going off on your own because your partner might want something a certain way or not be ready for the something.

Avoid talking about your partner in any sort of negative light when around other people, even if you think your comment will be harmless. Just because you think something is cute or harmlessly funny does not mean your partner feels the same way. It’s inconsiderate, hurtful, and potentially embarrassing.

Never pressure or force your partner to do something they don’t want to do or feel apprehensive about, even if you believe that he or she will enjoy it. Don’t tease him or her about being scared either, as that is very inconsiderate. Respect your partner’s wishes at all times and ask yourself how you would feel if your partner pressured or forced you to do something that you just know you wouldn’t like.

Always remember dates and events that are important to your partner. Show that you remember by having a party (surprise or not), leaving little clues here and there that are relevant, having a gift of some sort delivered, or simply come right out with it. Never let a special day go by, such as the anniversary of your first date, because that could suggest that you no longer value that day or consider it worth celebrating or even mentioning.

It’s not healthy to keep secrets from your partner even when you think it’s for his or her own good. If you have a problem, share it with him or her and tackle it together. Otherwise, your partner might start to suspect your hiding something for another reason, and this can put needless strain on a relationship. Your partner may also jump to a conclusion and thus create a larger or additional problem.

Never let a day pass without showing or telling your partner in some way how much you love him or her. Life is too short and too unpredictable to count on tomorrow to be the day you express just how much you care for the most important person in your life.


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