How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

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Following these steps to winterize your pool will ensure long lasting summer fun.

Things You’ll Need:

winter pool cover

inflatable pool pillow

nylon rope/cord

winterizing chemicals

closed style (screw in) return inlet fitting

Step 1

Carefully brush down the vinyl pool walls and floor. To prevent possible staining from dirt and debris vacuum your pool.

Step 2

To ensure proper water quality/chemistry you’re better off taking a pool water sample to your local pool store and have it analyzed. They can recommend the proper chemicals and amounts for winterization.

Step 3

Add pool winterizing chemicals and run the pool pump according to the directions.

Step 4

Remove all the deck equipment (ladders, etc.) and any toys, tables, and chairs.

Step 5

Clean the pool filter. For a sand filter, backwash it. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters should have their grids cleaned. Clean the skimmer.

Step 6

Set the pool to waste water and drain pool slightly below the return inlet. NOTE: You may have to siphon out some of the water, because once the water level starts to get below the skimmer the pump will become ineffective and needs to be turned off.

Step 7

Remove pool filter drain plug, loosen hose clamps and detach all pool hoses. Remove the water return inlet (eyeball) diverter fitting from the pool wall and replace with a screw in closed style fitting. Store all plugs, clamps, and fittings in a plastic zip lock bag and keep them with the pool pump.

Step 8

For freezing cold climates use an inflatable air pillow. Secure the pillow at 2 ends with nylon rope/cord so it will be centered in the pool. This is used so if the water freezes the ice will expand into the pillow and not the pool wall therefore preventing possible damage.

Step 9

Place a winter cover over the pool and secure according to the directions.


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