Where Did Randall Cunningham Play College Football?

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There are many questions that people ask about the former Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings quarterback. What kind of records does he hold? What is he doing today? Does he have a family? But the one that people often look up online asks where did Randall Cunningham play college football?

Well here today we will answer the question where did Randall Cunningham play college football for everyone at home and maybe answer a couple other questions as well. He played at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas or UNLV as it’s more commonly known in the sports world. He played there after his high school days were over at Santa Barbara until he graduated in 1985. It was then that he was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

One fact that many people may not know is that not only did Randall Cunningham play quarterback in college football but he also was a punter. As a matter of fact he was all-conference at both positions something that is hardly done in modern times. He was so good as a punter than even in the NFL he punted the ball from time to time and averaged 44 yards per punt. But even more impressive is the fact that he has one of the longest punts in NFL history at 91 yards.

The stats that make Randall Cunningham stand out over the other quarterbacks in both college and professional football are the rushing numbers that he put up over his career. Early in his career each play was a threat with him on the field because he could take off and run.


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