Give a Perfect Lasting Kiss

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  1. Start out by making sure that you have fresh breath, ALWAYS, for those spontaneous times! I’m not saying chew a mint right before your kiss, you want them to taste you; not a mint, that’s part of the attraction however, no one wants to taste your dinner or cigarettes either. Brush regularly and use mints after eating or smoking and you should be fine. Also keep lips in good condition, if dry or chapped use a Lip Balm regularly.

  2. Being spontaneous is good but, make sure it’s appropriate, you don’t want someone to say “Ouch! A mosquito bit me!” and you rush in and plant one. That moment will forever belong to the mosquito my friend; not you. A good time for spontaneity is when you are both sharing a moving moment, and are connected emotionally by that moment such as laughing/crying at a movie. Emotional moments are great for spontaneous Kisses because the emotion will forever belong to that “Kiss” in that “Moment”.

  3. As you move in closer try to convey your passion with your eyes when meeting their gaze, this is important because it’s your way of silently letting them know that “I see only YOU, I desire only YOU, in this moment nothing exists but YOU”. Also as you move in, notice their position, if their head is straight then tilt yours sideways slightly, if theirs is tilted then straighten yours, the ideal position for a great kiss is when one persons lips are slightly angled against another’s.

  4. As you connect, close your eyes and allow your entire body, mind and soul to feel the moment, realize that there will never be another moment like this, every moment is different, enjoy every second of this moment before it’s gone.

  5. When your lips meet open them ever so slightly, you want to have just a little of the tender inside part of your lips touching theirs which will provide a small amount of moisture.
    Things to avoid:
    Kissing with lips tightly closed as you would Grandma.
    Too much moisture, no one wants a mouthful of spit.
    Wide open kisses using tongue, save that for the later throes of passion.
    Remember this is a lasting kiss.

  6. With lips touching, move your head sideways ever so slowly and softly, tilting only slightly so that your lips are moving across theirs while staying connected, while doing this, occasionally and briefly purse your lips together and then open slightly more, creating several “mini – kisses” within this one Kiss, if you can control this very well, you may want to very very briefly and softly use just the tip of your tongue to taste their lips. The whole movement should be very smooth and comfortable, not quick, jerky, clumsy or rushed.

  7. Anything more than a moment is much more than just a kiss, let’s be honest, it’s the start of something else altogether, and besides you want to end the kiss with them wanting more, if you are both feeling the need to do more, then gently end the kiss allowing it to become a separate encounter that is devoted to that kiss only and then continue into a new encounter and let that unfold as it may.

  8. As you go to pull away, end the kiss by very softly and very briefly kissing only one of their lips, this shows them that you enjoyed the kiss so much that you had to have just one more tiny little kiss before it ended. Open your eyes as you are pulling away and meet their gaze it’s your way of silently letting them know that after this special moment the first and only thing you want to see is them.

  9. Hopefully you will perfect this technique in your own special way, the nice thing is that you can do this again and again, and each time will create memorable “Kisses”.


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