Education is a Necessity!

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The President of the United States gave a back-to-school message to the nation’s school children. Much of the same as other presidents in the past have spoken to school children. Yet somehow, this time, a furor arose that some kind of indoctrination was going to take place and the children would somehow be turned into liberal mummies.  Be afraid, be very afraid, you will no longer be able to think for yourself. Yet the same children are allowed to gaze at so much non-sensical things on television, without interruption for hours on end, which could possiby turn the smartest brain into mush. Strange cutural it seems at times.

Looking at other countries, the United States school year allows children to have the summer off, while other nations have longer school years. The statistics are showing the difference, this is having on the level of competence between the U.S. children and other countries. We as a country have lower math and science scores, and much higher levels of drop outs in high school. As country, we are falling further and further educating our children. Our president recognizes this fact and is encouraging all students to work hard in school, study, take charge of their futures and do not allow negative things to affect them or stop them from achieving their goals.

But some parents fear that there would be a political implication, so hearing from their fearless leaders, they kept their children home for the day.  How smart was that? How brilliant to believe that this would turn their minds into following a doctrine that would so effect them, that they, unlike their parents, mind you, would do anything that one person would tell them to, oh but there we have it, they are like their parents, who sometimes mindlessly believe and follow what is fed to them without rationally thinking through what they hear, to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. Perhaps the children will eventually make up their own minds one day and realize that it would be a good thing to attend school, study hard, and be ready to compete on a global scale, to have something to give in their country that makes them proud, that they are able to contribute in a positive way, whatever that contribution may be. To know that school and obtaining a good education is a viable means to an productive end. That they want to be a part of that future and what it offers. We as a nation must encourage our chidren to grow intellectually, as they grow physically. A high school education is being looked upon these days as elementary school.  We need more, not less learning if our country is going to be the great leader that it should be, it does not involve staying away from school and avoiding positive messages related to why students need to attend school and study harder.


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