10 Reasons Why We Should Maintain Proper Hygiene!

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Our parents and the teachers at school always badgered us about staying clean and maintaining hygiene. We always thought what the big deal was; here I’m list down the top ten reasons why hygiene is so important and why we should remain hygienic.

  1. First of all, let’s face it; who would like to be with a person who doesn’t believe in personal grooming and hygiene? Nobody. People would be turned off and would stay away from us if we don’t take enough care of ourselves and stay clean and well groomed. It helps us to be accepted socially.
  2. Personal hygiene is the first step towards ensuring our good health. If we take enough care to wash our hands often with a medicated hand wash, it will protect us from countless number of infections.
  3. By maintaining good oral hygiene like regular brushing and flossing and also visiting the dentist occasionally it will ensure that we have healthy teeth that are free from cavity and are strong.
  4. Cutting our nails short regularly and keeping them clean can do wonders for us; nails can be a breeding ground for bacteria and we keep them clean we can cut down the risk of illness and infection up to a large extent.
  5. Washing the face at least twice a day with appropriate products that are according to the skin type can prevent acne by getting rid of excessive oil, dirt and make up.
  6. While in the kitchen, if you wash your hands after dealing with uncooked meat, it will ensure that certain types of bacteria are not transferred to cooked food. Raw meat can have many types of bacteria that can result in food poisoning if not handled well.
  7. By keeping the vessels clean and storing unused food in a proper manner we can ensure that it doesn’t get contaminated by vermin. Consuming food that is contaminated can result in to serious health hazards as well as food poisoning.
  8. Ensuring that you always wear clean, washed socks can save your feet from fungal infections. As we go out wearing socks, during the day it collects a lot of dust, sweat and bacteria. So always make sure that you wear a fresh pair of socks.
  9. Making sure that we wash our hands before we rub our eyes can save us from a lot of eye infections. Hands can collect a lot of bacteria during the day since we touch a variety of objects; if we don’t wash them thoroughly these bacteria can be transferred to the eyes.
  10. Washing our hands after using public toilets can save us from a lot of unwanted diseases. Hundreds of people use public toilets, many of them might be carrying diseases and some might even be quite fatal. If we don’t wash our hands there is a serious chance that we may get prone to catching an infection and fall ill.

All in all, maintaining a certain level of hygiene is beneficial. It can save us from unnecessary infections, illnesses and hospital costs


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