Positive Thinking

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Sometimes there are moments when you don’t know who to turn for help, what door to knock at, who to trust, who to follow and what to do. In these cases you feel that the whole world turned its back upon you. You want to climb out from the hole but it seems that an invisible power is pulling you back into the hole again and again. And so the black bar follows you torturing and depressing you all the time. And you stand there in your deadlock tired of struggling and ready to surrender yourself to the mercy of fate.

And when you get to this point it is just the time to wake up from your deep sleep, gather all your strength, get out of your situation and look at it from aside. It is here that you can see the picture of your real situation. Just ignore the negative sides of your situation and try to see the positive side of it. If you think that there is no positive side in your situation it means that you didn’t look for it properly. There is always something positive among hundreds and thousands or even millions of negative sides and your number one task is to find that single and only if not many positive sides an concentrate yourself on them  trying to develop deep inside this  positive opinion and changing your negative thinking towards brighter and positive one.

 Negative thinking is very dangerous. It destroys everything, takes away all your hopes and lives you all alone, completely ruined and helpless. Negative thinking makes you complain all the time concerning different issues.  Negative thinking is never satisfied and is never content. If you have negative thinking soon you will find that people avoid communicating with you or becoming your friends, as no one is ready to lend his year just to hear complains and grumbling. While a positive person pulls people to him like a magnet.

If you are a positive person and you think positively in every situation, no matter what the circumstances tell you, you will always get out of every difficult situation or black bar of your life.

Someone once said, “Miracles happen to those who believe in them” and this is true, as, if you are thinking positively you will always get the fruits of your positive thinking.


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