Missing a Friend

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In my 31 years of living in this world, I was able to meet people from all walks of life and I even made friends with them. Everytime I go to places,  there is never a time that I would go empty handed, I was sure I made a friend or two. During my my elementary and high school days, I have alwaysconsidered my father as being my bestfriend.  He was a good role model to me and my brothers. I could say that he was a best father a girl could ever ask for . He was a God-fearing person and he helped many people. When I was 16 years old,  at a tender age, I lost my father due to cerebrovascular accident, otherwise known as STROKE.  It was too difficult for all of us to accept his loss. My mother was on her own in raising all of us. We had no choice but to move on because things wouldn’t get better anyway.

As I got older, I kade different friends thru the years. But I could never compare someone as good as Ninia. She was so far, the most genuine, generous, and sweetest friend you could have. I met her during my 3rd year in nursing.  During the first days in 3rd year, I have always thought of her as an arrogant person. She told me that I looked old for my age.  I was mad on how she approached and told me how old I looked. I was really pissed. As the days passed, we both were assigned to the same patient, i had no choice but to just cooperate just to get the job done.  I never thought that it was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Our friendship started just when she wanted to watch a movie with me.  During that day, she even treated me for dinner. It was unusual for me because I barely knew her. But then she told me everything about her life.

The days turned to months and we became really close. Because of our closeness, there were times that we would end up having arguments and we usually would ignore each other days.  Our fights became commonplace to all of our classmates. Right after reconciliation, we ended up laughing at our mistakes.  We became best friends. It was a good thing since my mother liked her. She thought of her as an honest and smart person.  The closeness we had was incomparable.  She was like a sister to me.

I could never forget when she threw a party for my birthday. She paid for everything from food, dessert and drinks.  I was in awe of the thing that she did and it really made me amaze.  The good thing about it was that everybody was having fun and the food was great.  We would spend a great deal of time watching movies, going out, and just hanging with each other.  We even made plans on what we would do right after graduation.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it senior class and I had to wait another year for me to become a senior.  We rarely spent the times together since she was preoccupied with her life as a senior. I made sure to it that I would come and visit at least a couple of days per week. I never expected that things would get worse.  We fought again about the minute stuff and again became distant to each other.  On a Sunday night, she texted me that she would like to see me. I asked her to wait and she got impatient. She decided again that we would see each other the next day. It turned out that was like her premonition.  The next thing I knew, she died a dreadful death and was stabbed repeatedly by a stranger.  Just right after I heard the news, I did not know what to feel,  I had mixed emotions when I heard the news.  During those times, I’ve never felt so alone and sad. I wish I could have told her how much I miss her and love her. It was too late for everything. I could have saved her life if I went to the route of her house during lunch time.  How stubborn of me not to think of it.  Now, my sister is gone and I feel empty and alone.  It took me months to realize that she was really gone. Up to now, I could stop talking about my experience with having an angel as a friend.  My heart is still bleeding upto now. She had a gruesome death and it always made me wonder why some people could be so cruel.  I deeply wounded by this loss. I wish I could turn back time.


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