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Why did it happen?  We all have so many questions that will go unanswered.  But why are we so fascinated with the star?  They say Karma has a lot to do with how you are dealt the cards but this guy was surely given a bad wrap due to the “media” and our curiosity with celebrities. He was an expert at creating these scenarios for us.

Was he guilty of being human like the rest of us or is it just that he’s so unusual we think he’s stupid.  He orchestrated every aspect of his daily existence.  He was not only an entertainer on TV he was the ultimate Barnum and Bailey side show ringmaster. He knew how to get our imaginations going and he wanted to remain in the spotlight and play games with us.

So, say what you will about the now absent POP ICON.  The child that never grew up and lived a fantasy gone wrong, can he now rest in peace?  That remains to be a mystery.  Can he see through a temporary porthole what’s going on?  Will he finally reveal the secrets he was unable to speak of because of that fear of rejection, repulsion, judgment?

We are only going to be given so much information.  The media and entourage surrounding his estate will hide many facts.  There will be a multitude of greedy entrepreneurs who will write tell all books and set up money making websites selling off so called Michael Jackson memorabilia.

But, this is who we are.  The Dancing, creative, genius will be missed and cherished but mostly our world will not be graced by “The Gloved One”.

I personally know he’s in a better place.  Dying is easy; it’s the living that’s hard! Michael will remain a mystery.


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