How to deal with criticism

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Criticism is something everyone faces in day-to-day life. Even it did not stop the celebrities. It happens in the house, outside or at work place. We should know how to deal with it.


Some parents think that being critical to their children they will be more responsible and work for their future. However, what happens is some children take it passively and do it; most of them take that as a negative way. They start thinking everything in a wrong way like the do not have any capabilities take up a task, they cannot reach success and even they cannot do anything in the right way. Child should not feel like this, they should feel that if anything goes wrong, parents are to their help and support them.

Work place:

Especially in a work place when some one criticizes the other, they tend to give many excuses to defend themselves. Instead, one needs to be calm at that point. It is difficult to do but, very easy to say. Why do they say to be calm because that is the way you can analyze what gone right and what went wrong. Is it a true allegation or there is any proof to what has been told. There are so many things to work on it. So sit down alone and think, do not discuss with others.

There is a saying that we learn from our mistakes, like suppose you did not get the promotion, which was due, and then think where you went wrong, or your performance was not to the expected level. Then try to work hard to achieve to that level. Everyone has a dream to be someone big in the future, could be any field music, action writer and so on. However, due to fear of criticized they never reach to that level. Leave the fear and being positive go ahead with your dream, and in case you face a rejection learn and have the courage to deal with it ., instead getting crushed with the criticism.

Never take it personally, think why you are not select and what the mistake is and try to rectify it and work hard on in it. By doing this you can reach the target. Therefore, when you want to deal with criticism is positive and strong to handle the situation and not letting it crushing you down.


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