How to solve Stress

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Have you ever heard of people complained about too little sleep in the night for no reason? Feel depress and lonely. Eat too much or too little. Frequent muscle pulls. Anxiety, you may have suggested them thousands of tests with not one pointing fingers at any ailment and then, giving up as if they were destined to suffer, not realizing that these are the symptoms of one of the most pressing syndrome which is generally neglected-STRESS…..What exactly is it? Why we feel it the way we feel fever, cough and cold? What is the age when we are stress out? How will we know? Why will I feel stressed? These questions must be crowding your mind…

Stress built in our subconscious mind. As per dictionary, it is the physical or mental strain on your body. Its seed is plant when you want to be in the good books of all. As a child when you want to be the best friend, the best student, the best child…as you grow, you want to be the best in whatever field you choose the best spouse and the most successful, the most influential. There is nothing wrong in being ambitious but the problem begins when you start finding it difficult to cope with the demands of all because you do not want to say “no”. You may not feel it but it is always there at the back of your mind. It knows no age. Have you ever noticed children stammering too much, biting nails, getting restless…..This is STRESS.

How dreadful is it? Stress, in moderation is normal, in fact useful. It is say that you prove your mettle in your testing times. However, in intensified conditions it can lead to psychological imbalance and can weaken the immune system. What happens to elastic when you stretch it beyond limits? It snaps out. Your body also undergoes the same phenomena. Accumulated stress starts taking a toll on your body and that is when it starts giving you headaches, allergies, and insomnia and backaches. In worse conditions, it even leads to asthma, hypertension, heart ailments, diabetes and even cancer.

Stress is inevitable. Denying it, would be fooling you. The best way to deal with it is to know your limits and try not to elongate it. Take a feedback from your peers, if they have noticed any change in your behavior and physiology. Stress shows its preliminary symptoms in a change in the way you feel, behave and think. There can be temperamental swings. Check your sleep patterns. If any of the sorts is occurring, it means you may stress.

Now that you know you are strained, all you need to do is release. De-stressing is easy but important. You must know how to relax yourself. Take a break, go for a fun trip, involve yourself in a hobby, water your plants, get up early and admire nature, take deep breaths, listen to music, meditate. In other words, take out some time just for the word “I” which generally gets lost in this fast life.


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