Stone of Youth

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If you could have eternal youth will you really want it?

The idea is wonderful, to be forever young, no wrinkles, no aches or pains. Everyone tries to look younger. The advantages of youth are enormous. The younger person gets the job and the girl. The down side is what if there is only magical stone and it was yours but once you made that choice to keep it you couldn’t change it…

Let’s say you found it when you were on a shopping excursion at a flea market with your spouse and children. The young woman who sold you the stone tells you about its ability to keep the owner young forever but you have to accept the good properties of the stone with the bad.

You know it’s a bunch of crap and it would make a great key chain so you buy it.  You are thirty four. After a week   of caring   the key chain you realize that you are not tired at the end of the day. After a month you realize that all the little aches and pains you had after a hard day of work don’t seem so bad in fact you don’t hurt at all.

At age 40 everyone says you haven’t aged and you look even better than ever. You look in the mirror and know that it is true. You look at your spouse and notice that he or she is getting more gray hair all the time and has all of the aches and pains you had. Your children are growing up and are in high school, than college, and getting married.

At fifty five your partner has a heart attack but you feel and look like fantastic. At sixty your kids look older than you and everyone wants to know your secret fountain of youth, thinking back you remember that day in the market, “The good and the bad”.

Everyone around you is changing but not you. Your children have grown and your spouse is always tired. You realize they are old and you are not. Your family and loved ones grow older and older and die.  You are alone and missed out on things you should have shared like growing old with the person you vowed to love forever. You watch your children one by one die. It is said that there is no pain like burring a child and you have now done it three times agelessly. Outwardly you are thirty but inside you are eighty.

The hurt and the pain of watching time go by, loving and loosing isn’t worth the benefit of agelessness.

If you had it to do over you would have told the person you got the stone from to keep the dam thing and lived life not existed. You put the stone in a yard sale hoping to unload it and blissfully die, rejoining your loved ones.


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