Learning to Tweet – Top Secrets To Effective Tweeting Revealed

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So, what is a tweet? If you are on Twitter, you ought to tweet.

A “tweet” is a Twitter message that can be sent from your mobile phone, the web page, and the Instant Messenger (IM). As soon as you post a tweet, it becomes visible on the Twitter pages and mobile phones of your followers.

A Bit of Twitiquette

Twitter gives you ample freedom to express yourself as you wish. However, you will have a better Twitter experience if you follow certain unwritten and written Twitter rules. I would like to call this “twittiquette.”

Newcomers, of course, are forgiven if they make a social gaffe or two every now and then. After all, they are feeling their way around the site and don’t really know many things about Twitter and tweeting. When I first registered at Twitter, I found myself guilty of making some such gaffes myself; and Twitter users were gracious enough to forgive me for them.

What Do Twitter Users Tweet About?

What should you tweet about? Twitter doesn’t have strict rules of what you should say or shouldn’t. Most tweets are parts of long conversation threads or announcements. To enjoy the ultimate Twitter experience, you must learn to strike a balance between the two.

Here is a list of things you can tweet about:

  • Private reflections and thoughts about your products, which will lead to development of trust and informative conversational threads
  • Event announcements, which might give you a chance to meet your followers in person
  • Contests, such as trivia questions, with a prize attached, which arouse plenty of interest in your tweets
  • Responses to other tweets, which express your interest in what others have to say.
  • Direct responses, which don’t appear on the public timeline, but enhance the bond of trust, friendship, and understanding between two Twitter users
  • <u>Recent Blog Posts: </u>Ideally, you should make one such tweet per day. This helps you promote your own blog. At the same time, remember to promote interesting, informative, and entertaining posts from other Twitter users.
  • Important announcements
  • <u>Overheard (OH):</u> These are interesting snippets of conversation that you usually overhear at the workplace or at home. These tweets are meant to enlarge the spirit of fun in the Twitter atmosphere.
  • <u>Fun Internet Games (Rickrolls):</u> When you post fun stuff like this, you prove that you are fun to hang around with. Other Twitter users will try to mimic you and post similar tweets. Enrich your Twitter experience by splashing Internet memes around the Twitter atmosphere.
  • <u>Quotes and Lyrics:</u> Lyrics, especially funny and thought-provoking ones, bring a smile to the faces of the readers. Some of them might even give rise to questions that might, in turn, give rise to interesting threads of conversation. Such Twitter activity is greatly appreciated on Twitter.
  • Links to video clipping, photographs, podcasts, interviews, articles, blogs, websites, and so on, which give other Twitter users a better picture of what you are
  • Shout out and make Twitter users feel great

Tweets are private; only your followers can read and respond to them. If you want to make your tweets public, you can do so by providing your Twitter identity. Interested parties can even subscribe to your tweets.

You will find a wide range of tweets on Twitter. Some of them make Twitter users erupt in laughter; some of them lead to a lot of reflection; and some lead to exciting and long threads of conversation.

Twitter is a site for fun and interaction. The purpose of tweeting is to strike up conversations, network, and build relationships. So, share whatever you have and enjoy tweeting!


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