How to make Light Graffiti in pictures

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Light Graffiti also known as “light drawing, light art or painting” is a fun activity for everyone. It gets you creative. You will need:

  • a camera(digital camera with manual settings
  • lights (led lights, flashlights)

Gather plenty of lights from different colors and sizes. Your camera should be a digital camera with manual settings. You need to change your settings as follows: set your ISO to 200, set your aperture to the widest, set a timer on the camera, and do not turn the flash on. Turning the flash on will just brighten up the room and will not help you produce the picture.

Now go into a dark room or a poor lit room. Place your camera on something stable like a table or the floor.

Make sure you go to the area that the camera is facing.

Press the button on your camera and quickly go to the area your camera will shoot.

Start drawing, You can draw anything but it has to be like if you are drawing onto a clear glass. when writing words make sure you write them backwards. Try practicing writing in the air, it will take several tries to get a the letters in the right format. Tips: to create a space between words, turn off the light.

Variations: you can use different colored lights or different sizes at the same time or at different times.

Here are some things that you can do with light graffiti, there are plenty more possibilities:

(note:credit is given at the bottom  of each picture)


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