Getting Started On Twitter – 5 Hot Tips for Twitter Success

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When you first register on Twitter and enter the exciting world of Twitter, you will naturally feel overwhelmed by the endless threads of tiny marketing campaigns and dialogues. But, as the days pass, you will not only enjoy Twitter, but also get addicted to it.

1. Register on Twitter

Twitter is absolutely free to join. You simply have to visit and open an account. If you are serious about your Twitter account, you had better use your real name and upload a genuine photograph of yourself. This will lend an atmosphere of authenticity to your profile page and followers will tend to trust you more. Moreover, your friends will find it difficult to identify you if you use a nickname and this defeats the very purpose of joining Twitter.

2. Create an Interesting Bio

If you want a large list of followers, you must create an interesting and eye-catching bio. Be honest when you create a bio; state exciting, but true facts about yourself.

Here is a good example to help you out: “I am an avid hiker who is passionate about the outdoor world. Simultaneously, I am an Internet marketer, an affiliate marketer, and a teacher who is fond of social media.”

Beginning your bio with the words “I am…” is a great idea. These magic words never fail to capture the attention of the person who is viewing your profile page and reading your bio.

3. Update Your Profile

Other Twitter users usually have a look at your profile before deciding to become your followers. So, pay special attention to your Twitter profile page.

You must update your profile page regularly; otherwise, other Twitter users might feel that you are a spammer.

Your profile page is the right place to communicate your likes, interests, tastes, and preferences to other Twitter users. People will decide to follow you on the basis of the information you choose to share about yourself.

Don’t forget to add the address of your blog or website to your profile page. Remember that the http:// is very important.

4. Spread the News

As soon as you have created your Twitter account, inform your friends about it. The best way to do this is to send them your Twitter page address.

As soon as you register on Twitter, you will get a personal page. The address of your personal page is For example, if your username is carcrasher, your Twitter page address will be

You can check out my Twitter page at

5. Get Connected to Your Mobile and IM

If you want to get the best out of Twitter, you must connect your Twitter profile to your IM and your mobile phone. Since all tweets are only 140 characters long, they can easily be dispatched as short text messages.

Want to know more about connecting Twitter to your mobile phone? Check out Pockettweets, the ultimate website for Twitter mobiles.


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