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Various generations have been given different names such as ‘baby boomers’ and ‘Generation X.’ There has yet to be a generation to be labeled as a ‘gamer generation.’ If ever a generation of people is characterized as “Generation Gamer,” it is now. We do live in a technological society. People seem to need it to the point of obsession. I saw the long lines of people awaiting the purchase of the new IPhone. It’s amazing. However, the gaming industry has a clientele all its own, and gaming gurus across the country already identify themselves as “gamers.”

 I, obviously, am not a gamer. I have played video games, and the only significant information I can tell you about that experience is that two hours of my life swiftly disintegrated into thin air. Perhaps I am not the best candidate to write an article about the gaming generation, but in lack of my experience, I have interviewed ‘gamers’ in order to achieve a balanced perspective. All in all, video game connoisseurs believe that video games promote skillful hand-eye coordination and logic skills. Video games also boost confidence and promote team work. (For those of you who are not current on video game trends, there are multi-player games, and gamers can play with other gamers across the globe via the internet, which is now featured on many consoles). I’ve viewed gamers in action, and I agree with these statements. For those of us who are gaming virgins, it is quite difficult to become accustomed to pushing the correct buttons at the correct time, for even the simplest of games. So there is no doubt that skill is required to play video games. Plus, it’s obvious that various games require problem-solving skills in order to solve the equations that the games propose. Gamers must be able to multi-task in order to excel at any advanced video game, and it cannot be denied that the brain is at work in the midst of a game.

Most criticism associated with the video game industry lies in the fact that games are graphic, promoting violent and sexual situations. And yes, there are numerous games that show blood spurting massacres and sexual situations that would make the even most promiscuous person blush. However, as much as we may hate it, that’s the nature of our current society. Video games don’t portray any more violence than can be found on television, in movies, and in books. I firmly believe that parental roles are ‘key’ in creating restrictions for children. It’s not necessarily the role of the video game industry to modify their games. When it boils down to it, sex and violence sells, and they’re definitely not going to sacrifice guaranteed sells. While a video game manufacturer may have a ‘moral duty’ to lessen the explicit material of a video game, ‘morals’ are subjective, as we don’t all have the same “morals.”

I consent to the fact that playing video games does require and build various intelligent skills in the avid gamer. However, I’ve watched ‘gamers’ sit, relatively sedentary, and play video games for hours on end. Therefore, I stand firm in the fact that a gamer wastes a lot of precious time in a world of fantasy. My father use to tell me that if I tried to do everything in moderation, then I would avoid many pitfalls in life. I believe that is true as far as video games are concerned as well. True gamers will not play video games in moderation, though. However, parents have a duty to their children to regulate children’s activities in order to promote a future filled with health, love, and success.

We have passed the dawn of a new generation. At a recent family gathering, my cousins and I laughed and reminisced about making mud pies, climbing trees, racing one another, riding bikes, and having wrestling matches. We played outside for hours, and when we finally came in, we were sweaty, dirty, and tired. I fear that this trend is being replaced by a new one in which children sit and stare at a screen for hours. All the while, childhood obesity is increasing, and childhood innocence is being shattered. And as much as we would like to point the fingers at the video game industry, that is not fair. Parents are the cause of “Generation Gamer.’ Parents have lacked the impudence to stand up for their own children. The video game industry has merely presented parents with an option; parents do not have to choose that option, but for the most part, they have. And thus, we are still manufacturing the “Generation Gamer.”


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