UFC 106 Betting Lines

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The people in Vegas make a good living off of sporting events due to the gambling aspect of sports. For years boxing has been a big money maker for the odds makers and now mixed martial arts falls into that same boat. Here today I want to talk about the UFC 106 betting lines for those into the gambling aspect of mixed martial arts.

The event is shaping up to probably be the biggest ppv event for the rest of the year. The heavyweight championship will be on the line when Brock Lesnar takes on Shane Carwin. The current heavyweight champion and former WWE star means money whenever he steps in the cage. Another big deal about this event is the return of Tito Ortiz against Hall of Famer Mark Coleman. The early UFC 106 betting lines indicate that the gambling crowd expects big things from Tito Ortiz in his return.

So what are some of the early UFC 106 betting lines? At the moment Brock Lesnar is at -240 and Shane Carwin is the underdog at +190. Then you have Tito Ortiz as a big favorite at -365 and Mark Coleman sitting at +285. Those are hardly good bets unless you are just flat out confident that someone is going to win the fight. Personally I don’t think the risk is worth the reward.

There are a few other fights to watch in regards to the UFC 106 betting lines. Kenny Florian takes on Clay Guida in what should be a very tough battle of lightweight contenders. In this one at the moment Kenny Florian is the favorite at -170 and Clay Guida is the underdog at +140.


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