Enjoying Grandchildren

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ACTIVITIES: Weather permitting, I usually have them work in the small garden my mom and I have under the pear tree. They love to dig in the dirt and plant whatever flowers or plants I have for them to plant and they especially love to water the flowers and everything in site with their large watering cans. My Mom, Great-Grammy is 93 yrs young and enjoys every bit of their company.

PROJECTS: When we are indoors, I will usually let them help me make cookies, pizza, calzones, and their next project will be a gingerbread house. Great grammy will also teach them how to crochet, paint and draw, and even help them to play the guitar. We usually eat what we make and have healthy snacks. We also have talking furbys and buddy dolls and large stuffies that talk and a container of hot wheels and crafts for them to enjoy.

FUN TIME: Then, weather permitting, we will go to the local playground and get our exercise and expend some energy! We all get the air and exercise for at least an hour or two and with much success. There has been a mishap or two, but nothing  life threatening except for Grammy, 66 yrs old but loving every minute of it. I love being with them, however I need two days to recuperate, but the memories are priceless.

QUIET TIME: This is always a good idea, to help the children calm down before returning them to their parents or even to relax and pause from the days activities. Julian will just relax and work in his activity books and Lauren will sit quietly and read. This quiet time creates a good balance and keeps the hype down to a minimum. It also gives grammy a break.

END OF THE DAY:  It is time to return my grandchildren to their parents.  Their parents, however, are never too busy to be by their side for any event and in any circumstance. They are hands-on parents and spend all of their free time playing with and traveling with their children. I relinquish them with fond memories and look forward to them returning refreshed and ready to allow me the pleasure of their company once again! 


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