Mallika Sherawat in Hollywood

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The Indian bombshell Mallika Sherawat is going Hollywood.  Mallika is starring in a film called Hissss.  As the name suggests, the film is all about a snake.  Hissss is directed by Jennifer Lynch.
     The film has got a lot of visuals fit for a dermy ad, as Mallika is, as usual, exposing a lot.  After all, Ms. Sherawat plays a snake woman in the film.  And snakes aren’t supposed to be under cover always, are they?
Mallika is a snake woman in the film all right, but not an ordinary snake woman who crawls here and there.  She is a revengeful snake woman.  In one of the scenes, she can be seen crawling up a tree almost, almost in a birthday suit.  But even this revengeful snake woman is prone to be helpless.  Jennifer Lynch has taken due care to keep this point in mind and has depicted a helpless snake woman showing a little bit.
     But when you say Mallika Sherawat you think of a hard, long kiss.  Many think that Mallika has gone into an equation with kissing scenes, but not in Hissss.  The miss has given a miss to a kiss in Hissss.  On the other hand, she has sown a lot of skin, so she should not be much of a disappointment this time around without a kiss for her fans.
     Ms. Sherawat herself has seconded her role in the film by posting a comment on her page on the web.  She says that as a snake she doesn’t kiss in Hissss.  But that she licks a lot and swallows things as a whole.  About some of her nude scenes, she has confirmed them herself.  “Hissss will make eye-balls pop out.”  Writes Mallika on her Twitter page.
     Irrfan Khan and Divya Dutta are the two other Indians who are also making an appearance in Hissss.


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