How to Look For Red Flags In Your Mate

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If your mate buy a gift for your parents and it’s the first time of meeting them, the question is, what are you trying to cover up?

Step 2

If they make you do something you are not comfortable with doing.

Step 3

If they criticize, curse you or make you feel like you are nothing.

Step 4

If they draw their hand back to hit you.

Step 5

If you are out together and they turn with a lustful eye to look at someone else of the opposite sex, this is wrong and disrespectful and should be dealt with.

Step 6

They always want to spend your money and never offer to pay every now and again.

Step 7

They never follow through and do what they say they are going to do.

Step 8

They never communicate well with you.

Step 9

They are always gone or say they are working late and come in all times of the night or they don’t come home at all.

Step 10

You start seeing things disappear from your home or a bulk of money is missing from the account and never accounted for.

Step 11

They are lazy and don’t won’t to work.

Step 12

They are quick to anger


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