Nokia N73- Music Edition Phone. Read It, Use It & You’ll love it

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My Encounter with the Phone

Ahh. Finally a review after a long time. So why Nokia N73? People now a days consider mobile phones are the part of their life, and why not, its ture also. Mobile phone helps in staying in touch and importantly communication. This phone has many features and the best part is that we are able to use all the features in some or the other way.

So whats so good about this phone? I have been using this phone from few months and i am very confortable with it. The phone, from the date of purchase is working fine and had never given me the problem. Mobile has 3.2 Megapixel camera with flash and the camera quality is just like DVD quality pictures. Altough the music player is slow but its crystal clear is i prefer listening music in Nokia music edition mobiles rather than in sony erricson phones. Dont know why but, thats my view. When i bought the phone, i got 2BG memory card which could accomodate about 1000 pics and about 250 odd music files. The phone dimensions are very good and its very handy. Easily fits in the palm and importantly its light in weight about 110 gms Bluetooth and USB technology is must and even this phone has it.


The things which i like the most about this phone are…that it is stylish, good design, camera shutter to save the lens from scratches, and a very efficient battery life.


Things which i dont like, is a smal key pad which makes SMS typing a bit tough job, and phone is a bit slow once its loaded with many external softwares and its low at RAM. but other wise also, after installing many external softwares, few of the files get corrupted and inturn the software of the mobile too.


Other uses? Well I installed a remote control software using infrared, so you can change channels on t.v using it which I tried only once. I use the slideshow software using bluetooth to make presentations wirelessly which is convenient for me.


On and all its an awesome phone, its still in the market and I’d recommend it to anyone over and above any other Nokia. I realise that even though I use the phone pretty less, it still is an extended part of me.


This is my personal review written by me on ciao and on my blog.



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