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Friends, Back with a new review, and again this time too, i’ll surely share my personal experience with the product. Before hand let me give some short introduction of the product. Motorola Walkytalky (motorola talkabout) is simply amazing gadget to have. Its a wonderful substitue to mobile and fixed phones, specially when your girlfriend is staying next door.

Well jokes apart, friends this product is really a money saver. The technology works on radio waves and so it has some limitations like it doesnt work well in rainy seasons and on high altitudes but other than that, this works well everywhere. You all must have seen similar gadgets in sci-frictions movies where cops use to talk to each other.

How to use

Its very simple. Just adjust a frequency with the buttons on the handset. Once done, handover the sister handset to your friend or family members or your girlfriend and say him/her to adjust to the same frequency. Then press a small button and start speaking. Once done speaking, leave the pressed button and wait for the other person to speak. Its simple.

THINGS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF: Well friends, the rage given by company motorola is 20 miles, it means that you can communicate over 20 miles distance but its not always accurate and possible. At times, under dense cover of canopy like in forests while hiking or at high atlitudes like on mountain tops, the signal frequence varies as much as upto 5-10 miles.


I have used this product with some reasons. I am not the regular user of moto talkabout but i get this chance when i am organising some events. Yes i do event management also. At such times, when you need to communicate with your team to manage everything, dailing with phone is always not possible. Also i got the opportunity to use these as this product was been sponsored to use by our sponsors. So we did get some 10-15 handsets. Then setting all in one range, we communicate for final minute preprations of the event or even for fun.

I recommend

I recommend this product to those who use mobile phones for very short distance, who are into event management and stage shows where you need to co-ordinate with back stage, whos girlfriends of friends stays next door. Its a good product and its a money saver. Try to use it for once. You will like it


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