Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterbacks Past and Present

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Over the years I’ve seen my fair share of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks line up behind center. The team for the most part has always had a good if not great defense to put pressure on the other team. However the quarterback position has had some inconsistency and whenever that area has been one of strength the team has had great success.

The very first of the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks that I seen play was Bubby Brister. He was followed by Neil O’Donnell a man that was both loved and hated by the fans for getting them to the Super Bowl but then having a bad performance against the Dallas Cowboys. Whenever he left Mike Tomczak played well but it wouldn’t be enough to keep Kordell Stewart off the field. The man known as “Slash” would tempt and tease fans with flashes of brilliance on the field. He would never pan out though as he failed to develop into a leader and passer needed to win a Super Bowl.

If you go back further in the past there are some notable names in terms of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks. Obviously Terry Bradshaw is one commonly associated with the Super Bowl teams of the 1970s. But there are others such as Mark Malone, Bobby Layne, Earl Morrall and Jim Finks that those reading at home have likely heard over the years as well.

The current Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks have the position take care of as Ben Roethlisberger already has won 2 Super Bowls in such a short career. He hasn’t put up the big numbers but has won ball games with leadership and gritty determination much like the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterbacks of the past.


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