Precious Gems and Substitute Gemstones for the 9 Planets in Vedic Astrology

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According to Vedic Astrology there are 9 Planets which exert their influence of human beings. These Planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. A weak planet in the horoscope of a person may cause weakness or diseases in the part of the body governed by that planet. But this negative influence of the planet can be balanced by wearing Jewelry with planetary gemstones. These Planets also have a set of precious gemstones and substitute stones representing them. Given Below are details of the Planets and their gemstones.

<u>Sun</u>: The gemstone of the Sun is Ruby or Manik. The substitute stone for Ruby is Red Garnet.

<u>Moon</u>: The gemstone of Moon is Pearl or Moti. The substitute stone for Pearl is Moonstone.

<u>Mars</u>: The gemstone of Mars is Red Coral or Moonga. The substitute stone for Red Coral is Corundum.

<u>Mercury</u>: The gemstone of Mercury is Emerald or Panna. This substitute stones for Emerald are Aquamarine, Jade and Peridot.

<u>Jupiter</u>: The gemstone of Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj. The substitute stone for Yellow Sapphire is Citrine.

<u>Venus</u>: The gemstone of Venus is Diamond or Heera. The substitute stones for Diamond are Zircon and White Sapphire.

<u>Saturn</u>: The gemstone of Saturn is Blue Sapphire or Neelem. The substitute stones for Blue Sapphire are Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst.

<u>Rahu</u>: The gemstone of Rahu is Hessonite or Gomedh. The substitute gemstone for Hessonite is Brown Tourmaline.

<u>Ketu</u>: The gemstone of Ketu is Cats Eye or Lahasunya. The substitute gems for Cats Eye are Turquoise, Agate, and Tiger’s Eye.

Gemstones based on Horoscope or Birthstones based on birth month can be worn to get the benefic effects of gems.


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