Life is a – Mystery or Problem?

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“Life is either a mystery to be lived or a problem to be solved. This saying presents two opposing yet prevalent views in the East and West which are: passivity versus action, respectively. 

Mystery or problem – the conflicting view poses more questions rather than answers. No wonder, Gandhi espoused the “middle way’ as the best way. A life of moderation is the best way to live. Blending the East’s fatalism with West’s need for action could provide the best solution for us.

Yes, at times we cannot fathom the mystery of life and we better leave it at that, rather than attempt to solve it. But sometimes, we are also required to be more in control of our lives – to make conscious decision on what is good and right for us. The trick is to know when to stop questioning and start living. The view on moderation is apparently shared not just by Gandhi but also his Christian counterparts as Christ himself advised us not to concerned ourselves with too much joy or sorrow.

God is one of the mysteries we may never be able to fathom. I personally believe in the presence of God wholeheartedly. But in the end, the purpose of religion is not to engage in endless debate whether or not there is really a Supernatural Being who made us, rather religion is intended to make us BETTER persons. If it has done so, whether you are a Christian or Muslim or Jew, then it has served its purpose. Even if one is an atheist – if one becomes a better person because of it – then the absence or presence of religion becomes irrelevant


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