What Can You Expect if You Are in a Relationship with Someone Significantly Older?

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I am speaking from the viewpoint of a woman. Being a woman, I think there are more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’ in dating an older man.

In the society where I live, it is apparently ‘tough’ to date an older man. Let me give you my definition of an older man before I proceed any further. An older man is someone who is significantly older than you are – older in the sense that he could well be someone who was born in your father’s generation. If you are a younger woman dating an older man, then you must be mentally prepared to deal with some possibly nasty comments from people around you. They may see you as someone who is after the wealth of your boyfriend, especially if he is financially well-to-do. Or they may see you as someone who is starving for a ‘daddy’s love’. You could expect these if you intend to date an older man or if you are already dating someone older.

Furthermore, I believe that most men who date younger women are either divorced or having extra-marital affairs with them. So, if you happen to date an older man who is divorced, you may be seen as the third party that breaks up his marriage. Or worse still, you could be seen as a ‘cheap’ woman if you are involved with an older but married man. At least that is true in the context of the society where I live. You may even be seen as having a ‘sugar daddy’ – one who provides for you financially and who buys expensive stuff for you in exchange for sex. 

Where I live, if you are a younger woman dating someone older, then you must be prepared to get stares from strangers on the streets. Are you able to tolerate such stares? How long can you tolerate these stares? If you are genuinely in love with an older man, then I suppose you will get used to such stares in time to come. However, if you are just dating him for the sake of dating or if you are dating him so that he can pamper you or if you are dating him for any other reason other than genuine love for him, then I suppose it is tough for you to withstand such stares in the long run.

I am of the view that older men are generally more possessive if their girlfriends are much younger. Why? It is because they may feel less secure about their looks and so forth. Thus, they may even engage private detectives to keep track of the whereabouts of their younger girlfriends and who they meet up with. This is something that you could expect if you are dating an older man. How prepared are you to face such a possibility?

In conclusion, the aforementioned are just some of the things that a younger woman who is dating an older man can expect. However, I must also emphasise that there are certainly good things that you can expect if you are dating an older man. With this, I conclude.

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