Movie Review: Contract Killers

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The American low budget action thriller CONTRACT KILLERS, starring Frida Farrell from Sweden, was screened at the market at Cannes 2008.

Mrs. Farrell plays Jane, a young woman who discovers that the company she’s working for isn’t exactly what she thought it was. Since she has evidence of this, she’s hunted down by her former boss who wants to kill her. She ends up on Trinidad, where a hitman appears, a situation that leads to some action – and to love.

CONTRACT KILLERS cost only $350.000 and was shot with only one (1!) camera. The camera set ups must have been countless. But it all looks pretty good, especially regarding the circumstances. The movie opens with a car chase with Frida on a motorbike, and after that there are action scenes every several minutes. To make the sometimes rushed fight scenes look better, they shoot them with a shaky, hand held camera, like in the Jason Bourne movies. And Jane in CONTRACT KILLERS is sort of a female Jason Bourne.

The low budget shines through here and there, but it’s a pretty decent little movie that probably will do well on DVD.

When I saw the movie at Cannes, there was a guy sitting behind me, talking on his cell phone; something I found extremely annoying. Among other things, he said “Sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’m watching a movie!”. I was thinking about asking him to go to hell, but the guy finished the call before I got to do that. A little later he leaned over to me and whispered “This is a great shot!”. I turned around and looked at the guy. It turned out to be a friend of mine – a guy from the company selling CONTRACT KILLERS!


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