Top Ten Way How to Make Green

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There are many way how to reach better life in this modern era, one the best way among them is making green while we can reach better life by saving money, get healthy otherwise to save our planet from serious damage in future.The climate change have changed our mindsets, we need to act quickly to save next generations.

Save our planet from serious damage by making green our environment is the hot topic to discuss in every conference, meeting by people who care about the future of life of this world. There are many way introduced to public how to make green and advantage of it.People who know how to make green possible they do it at least 10 % of main goal to introduce the way. Here to help you how to make green start from your home, your town in your environment I post which easy to do as most people doing to make green.

Below are top ten ways to make green:

Grow a tree
It is simple to understand how to grow a tree, you can do it start from your home by plant a tree that you like in front of your house, to make you more interesting try to plant such as a cacoa,fir tree, apple or other that could you like to eat.Grow a tree can do also by gardening, it do in back of house. Gardening is the popular program to make green nowadays, gardening can do together by your family member in holiday or every day after day work. otherwise by gardening can create a gather in your family, ask your kids in this project, ask them what plant to grow in the garden to make them feel include in the project , try to find their fresh idea to make them free and enjoy it.

Gardening is away to make a green while it could be a family project to spend your kitchen, plant fruits tree, vegetables in garden can produce fruit to fulfill your family needed also could be sell and the money you can used to spend your kitchen. While in the garden your kids can play to spend their spare time than they spend it in front of the TV, video gaming which could be possible they get overweight and obesity.
Gardening will embellish your home, more fresh and promise healthy to your entire family member who life in the house.

Reducing Detergent usage
Detergent damage our environment very much, reduces usage of detergent save of May life in your environment while you can save money too.Detergent will kill bacteria when you through out the residue of your detergent after washing.If possible avoid using detergent over doses, try to read the instruction of usage, use friendly detergent that you can easy to get now in supermarket.

Use Local Product
If you buy local product you can save energy that use in transportation, like to use local product save much energy while it could help the people in your town grow their business.

The cause of it planet damage is waste; look in your town the waste from instant food crowded the big city in every country. You can help government to overcome this old problem by recycling, try to use thing twice if possible, such as bag when you shopping, save it after you move the good you buy then you could use it when you went to shopping anymore.Another way you could do, to buy an instant product which the wrapper is recyclable.

In office you could do to recycle the paper print, use the front and the back of paper. Use the digital product to reduce of paper usage. By reduce paper usage could possible we save thousand millions of tree a year; it is mean we can save forest too.

Ride Your Bike
While mitigating the advance of climate change through reducing emissions is the best way to protect future generations, go to work by bike is the way to reduce emissions, otherwise can save you from hearth attack.Ride a bike everyday can burn fat in your body. Ride your bike can save much energy from oil that could possible we can save our planet from serious damage. Or if it is not possible go to work to you by bike you can go by public bus. Also go to a near place by on foot.

Turn off unused light
Turn off the light when it is not use, at the night turn off the light in back of your house, and open the door and the window in day.By turning off your light can save you money while we can save the oil energy usage to run the generator.

Use friendly product
It is easy now to get it in store cheapest price, such as detergent, instant food, kitchen tool. Using alternative energy such as bio-energy or similar. If you are a farmer using friendly insecticide and pesticide.Recently organics fruit is most like by people, famer can easy to find tips how to grow an organics plants.

Teach your Child how important to make green
This way is very important too to keep continuing make green to next generation, teach your kids start from home could make them easy to do everywhere they are, proud with what they do with full understanding.

Ask your neighbors to do the same
We can do this alone to be success, we must work together. Tell your neighbour to do the same. Tell them about climate change then tell how important to make green to save our life, also what the advantage to practice make green in your life.

Make green consistently
By make green consistently practicing in your life, it can save our planet from serious damage while save next generation from emissions effected.Make this program to be the part of your life, save cost, save energy and save your next generations.

Make green is not hard to do; we just need to realize how important it to save our live, we can see and feel the climate change, start now before it is too late, save your own life, save your next generation by making green in our daily life

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