Prayer Works

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Prayer is an effective antidote to all negativities we encounter.

That is a proven fact.

Even doctors and scientists admit this undeniable truth and marvel at its effectiveness.  In a study conducted to determine the effects of prayers to patients, a group of patients who are prayed upon and who practiced daily prayer methods were compared to those who do not have prayer support.  Results revealed that the number of patients with prayer support and got cured were higher than those who didn’t.

The healing powers of prayer is a fact long adhered to by the religious but  long-disputed by science.  However,  both science and religion now have arrived at the same conclusion after clinical studies were conducted and that is “Prayer works”.

Why prayer is effective is another fact subject to dispute. But both scientists and religous admit that prayers work because having faith that you will get cured or you will overcome obstacles is winning half the battle. The remaining 50% depends on other numerous variables such as medicine, money, technology, doctor’s skills, etc.

What we can glean from this seemingly miraculous power of prayer is this – there is something about prayer that makes the human spirit indomitable. That gives it strength, hope and determination. In essence, it is a way to communicate with God.  Somehow it makes sense that prayer works because in order to gain a new lease on life, we need to go back to its Source. And the Source will never let us down if we earnestly ask. That is the basic premise behind prayers. And the reason why it is effective – be it in illness or in everything else.


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