Tips for Keeping Your Hair Soft, Smooth and Silky the Natural Way

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As monsoon comes, mostly females get worried about their hairs, due to moisture in the atmosphere.  This moisture increases the falling hairs and dandruff problems in most of male as well as females. To get rid of this problem I recommend some traditionally used and proven tips for stopping hair fall and dandruff and keep you hair soft, smooth and silky for ever.

  1. Liquefy the inside pulp of fresh aloe vera without water and apply to the roots of your hair. Leave it on for an hour, repeat this once a week. This is a good conditioner and also helps arrest dandruff and falling hair.
  2. Grate a fresh coconut, mixed with very little milk, strain well. Apply this with the help of cotton wool over the roots and hair. Leave to soak for an hour – this is excellent for dry hair and gives the additional protein and moisture.
  3. Boil about eight red hibiscus flowers in one kilo of coconut oil, leave it to cool and store. Apply this once a week. Also, smoothly grind the green leaves of the hibiscus plant with a little water and applied on the oiled hairs. This helps darken the hair.
  4. A paste of hibiscus flowers, directly applied to the scalp of a baby can improve hair growth considerably.
  5. Soak a tea spoon of fenugreek in water overnight. Grind the puffed up seeds to a paste and apply to the roots and hair. This will control itching and dandruff. Lime juice with honey applied externally also helps.
  6. The soapnut or sheekakai traditionally used in south india is an excellent substitute for shampoo. Remove the seeds, powder and boil in water. Once cooled, use this to wash the oil and dirt from your hair, nautrally.
  7. In addition to these traditional recommendations, do use a little conditioner in the final rinse. Always do this only in warm water – note that hot water reduces the value of the conditioners.

The application of the hair can be more effective by covering the head with a wet hot towel. Take a Turkish towel, soak in boiling water. Totally rinse out the water an wrap around your head. This steam makes your application more effective, allowing it to penetrate the pores.


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