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Mathew would like to start this post hoping that the PM Basics series at PM4K is helping you acquaint yourself to the concepts of Project Management. Continuing with the PM Basics series at PM4K, in this post lets look at What is Project Management?

Before we try to understand what Project Management is, lets be clear of what Project Management is NOT.Project Management is NOT:

* a Rocket Science. In simple layman’s language, Project Management is nothing but the application of common sense.

* a Freedom Struggle. Managing a project is not a do-or-die freedom struggle that needs to be won (successfully implemented) at all cost (Read more about it on Mathew’s post titled Project Management is NOT a Freedom Struggle).

* for the Feeble Hearted. Having said that, expecting a Project Manager to be a Super Hero is also not a valid expectation (Read more about it on Mathew’s post titled A Project Manager is a Super Hero!!!).

As per PMBoK, “Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to project activities to meet the desired project requirements.” The responsibility to achieve the desired project objectives is entrusted on the Project Manager. The Project Manager should be able to apply his and his team’s talents, skills, knowledge, tools & techniques to those planned activities that he knows will help:

  • Achieve the predefined project objectives.
  • Balance the demands of the Triple Constraints (Scope, Cost & Time).
  • Ensure a Satisfied Customer.

Similar to the effort of trying to keep the women in your life happy, Project Management also is a HIT-N-TRIAL process (Read more about the Secrets of Project Management on Mathew’s post titled Secret Recipe to Successfull Project Management).

To sum it up; Project Management as a Profession is an Area of Specialization in itself and irrespective of the nature of the project, an organization’s requirement of a project manager should be for someone who understands and specializes in the profession of Project Management.



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