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lg.php?category_idThanks to the unavoidable ‘Halo Effect’, more often than not, projects ends up getting assigned to a Project Manager incompetent enough to even plan a personal vacation successfully. Taking a break from the PM Basics series, Mathew presents to you Traits of a ‘Halo Effect’ Project Manager (Part I).

You know the Project Manager knows squat (nothing) about Project Management :

  1. when he/she looks at ‘Change’ philosophically and says, “Lets not fight change. It’s the only thing constant”.
  2. when he/she sees a bar (Gantt) chart and thinks, “Ahhh my Project Management Plan is in place!!!”.
  3. when the only feedback he/she has about a WBS to his/her business analyst is, “Interesting!!! I didn’t know you like drawing”.
  4. when he/she finds ‘MOVING TARGETS’ (unclear project scope) enjoyable enough to do anything to avoid it.
  5. when the only cost tracking he/she does is tracking to ensure that his/her salary makes its way to the bank account.
  6. when the only schedule tracking he/she does is tracking the time to go home.
  7. when the approach followed by him/her in the event of a schedule/cost overrun is ‘IGNORANCE IS BLISS’.
  8. when the only question he has for the project team is “What is the percent complete of the task/project?”
  9. when he/she believes that Management Plans are only created by Project Managers who have nothing better to do.
  10. when the only meeting he knows to conduct is the ‘GO AROUND THE ROOM’ type status meetings.

Apologies for not sugar coating this post and letting it be direct and smack in the middle of the eye.
Keep your eyes open. You’ll spot one (Halo Effect Project Manager), when you see one.



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