The Health Care Reform Rumble in Washington

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The country is in need of a change in the health care system. There are more than forty-five million people in the United States, who are not covered by a health care insurance policy. Others who are covered, have experienced terrible financial problems due to their inability to pay huge medical bills. Premiums continue to rise while salaries stay the same or jobs are lost. The nation is in dire need of a change. Many U. S. companies have gone out of business, due to the exorbitant cost for employees health care.

The Democrats are now in charge of the presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate. If their party does not lead the way and pass a credible health care reform bill, they will most certainly pay a price in the short term. The Republicans have no or little interest in helping the president bring about a change which will help the American people, as that would not move the Republicans back into power. They have made their wishes publicly known, they want to kill “Obamacare”, as they call it. So it is going to be up to the Democrats to show some courage and do the right thing for the American people and the country. We are headed toward  complete collapse in the health care system, if substantial changes are not put into place. The fraud has to be dealth with,  there was a report that Wythe was fined for defrauding Medicare out of millions of dollars, not too long ago. This is only one company. There was a group of people in my local community, who were operating out of Cooper Hospital, funneling through bogus bills to Medicare, they went to jail.  These things have to be ended.  Many people have legitimate medical expenses which force them to file for bankruptcy, because they are unable to pay their bills.Tort reform must also be considered, lawsuits without merit must be curtailed.

We therefore need a substantal change. Some of the purposals being debated include but are not limited to, allowing employees to keep their health care coverage for five years, if they change or lose their jobs, not being denied coverage if you have a pre-exisiting condition, putting some kind of cap on out of pocket expenses, having a public option where the government subsidizes part of the cost of an insurance plan, allowing those who are satisfied with their coverage they have,  to keep it, no change has been introduced regarding Medicare.

The Republicans have done a great job of spreading mis-information, and in some cases outright untruths to stop the reforms, basically for political reasons, some Democrats are looking at personal gain as well. The insurance and drug companies put lots if money into the pockets of politicians for their campaigns and they want to keep things as they are for profits sake and not for the good of the people. It is very necessary for individuals to realize that, the powers that be may be trying to get you to work against your own self interests. One woman at a town hall meeting reportedly was heard to say, words to the effect of,  “I want the government to keep its hands off my Medicare”. That would be quite impossible since the government has been running Medicare since it began. There have not been a lot of people saying that they want to give up their Medicare or Social Security for that matter. The cries about government run health care being a boogey man, are a bit much and very over blown. It would be a good idea to find out what is really being purposed before going off the deep end.

Changes are needed and hopefully changes for the better will be undertaken. President Barack Obama will be giving a prime time address to a joint session of Congress this Wednesday, where he is expected to outline in specific detail what will be in the purposed health care reform bill. For the countries sake, hopefully the details will be sufficient enough to move things along to a positive conclusion. Republicans will never be satisfied, as soon as the president finishes his speech,  they will be out with the negative criticism, they want it to fail.  But for the majority of the people in this country, the better thing will be, a change to help the masses. Social Security and Medicare were fought against tooth and nail by the AMA and others, when they were purposed, those who believed that they were good for the country and its people kept fighting for right and they passed. The good of the masses must be considered as was then, and things must change where costs for medical treatment are contained or we all will lose. Get involved, write your congressman, your senator or the president, let your voice be heard, change is seriously long overdue.


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