Adsense clicker group and understand the business world Harmful Business

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Convey to you a short message, and this guy is not really the case. Put aside all that “Google will not permit”, and think about how this kind of behavior has hurt business. When you click on an AdSense ad, the publisher is money, but also business costs some money. Now imagine if everyone started clicking ads for any purpose, without any interest served by disclosure of the reality: This could mean thousands of companies spend thousands of dollars, and I see absolutely no results. These companies are finally no longer advertise with AdWords ads and my friend, less money for publishers! Adsense works so well because it is a good team of publicists, a good team of editors, and Google does a good job on the Prohibition of the webmasters tried to cheat the program and killing businesses. While they do a good job by prohibiting people the system is not perfect and it is possible to cheat the system for some time.

Less money

It’s really sad for all webmasters that honest people running a group of Adsense clicker, because want to see in the long run, it means less money. When advertisers choose to less use of Google AdWords ad, because people are idiots and run clicker group, means less money for every webmaster out there, including members of the groups on the file.


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