How to Kill Fleas, Bedbugs, and other bug vermin for good!

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Step 1

Go to your local feed store or get online to look for food grade diatomaceous earth.

Step 2

Make sure you go out and buy FOOD grade diatomaceous earth. There is a HUGE difference in that and the regular. Food grade is safer, and can also be ingested by animals and humans as it gets rid of worms and parasites also!


Understand how it works: Diatomaceous Earth is a lethal dust to fleas and bed bugs as it contains razor sharp edges to them (not to you or your furry friends) that will not only cut into their protective hide, but will also dehydrate them. If they eat it, it will kill them as well as it will shred their insides. Not a pretty picture, but good for getting rid of them.


Take the Diatomaceous Earth and dust it all over your carpet, pets, everything that could/ would have fleas on it. Leave it on there for a few days, it is completely safe to leave on your carpet. However, it is similar to flour in form, and constant breathing of any dust should be avoided, so don’t get too crazy with it. If you are careful in spreading it, it will settle into the carpet and not present an issue. You can easily Get a simple mask if you have asthma2.gif or are sensitive to dust like particles in the air.


Dust in on your pets by using a sock to gently beat it onto the animals fur/ skin. You can also put diatomaceous earth in a water bottle and mix it with water, then spray it on your pets, Once the water mixture is dry, it has the same effect. There are also many tools you can buy to help spread it effectively. Remember it is similar to flour in consistency.


Know that you can also spread diatomaceous earth (food grade ONLY) on your yard, or around your garden to prevent unwanted pests from getting into your house, or ruining your crops


Vacuum up the Diatomaceous Earth off of your carpet.

Enjoy a home free of bedbugs and fleas!


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