How to protect yourself from identity theft.

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  1. In the internet era, we tend to expose our privacy in many ways without realizing that it could do more harm than good. We can become victims of identity theft. Here are some tips to protect your privacy and identity.
  2. I learned the lesson the hard way. My laptop was stolen and it has my personal data. Now I am always fear of being a victim of indentity thef. I don’t want it happens to anyone.
  3. Do not publicly post your photo or family photos. This does not mean that you should not post any photo at all. You can, but share it within your close friends, your family, who you trust.
  4. Use pen name or nick name instead of real name. Your name is your identity. Do not use it for online social network. You may want to abbreviate it or choose not to show your full name, but show your ID instead. Many sites allow that option.
  5. Do not show your birthday. It’s best to fake them. Birth date becomes a verification information for many companies, such as phone providers, bank, etc. Therefore, be careful, do not post it publicly.
  6. Don’t expose your address. It’s dangerous if someone knows your real address and attempt conviction. Protect yourself. Address is also a verification information many providers use.
  7. Keep your password, SSN and driver licence safe. Don’t let anyone know your identity information. Especially don’t keep them online.
  8. Be alert of identity theft. Check your credit report often or at least once per year to see if any suspect or sign of identity theft. Report right away if any suspect.

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