Living with a Senior Family Member

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I am now living with my 93 year old Mom.

I had to move in with her when she refused to live in the affordable senior housing units that became available to us after 2 1/2 years of waiting.
It has been a challenge as my Mom is hard of hearing, has dementia, cannot process conversation very well, and is set in her ways! It is like taking care of a child, except that when you are growing up a child, you are molding them and they are learning and usually eager to please and learn. When you take care of the elderly, they know it all and not only refuse to take direction, but can’t remember what you told them to do five minutes ago, or in the most recent past. They remember everything about the depression, the 1938 Hurricane, living with her mother-in-law for 48 years, and anything prior to 25 years ago. They repeat everything everyday as if you had never heard it before and they repeat same thing over and over again.

When company comes, they are so alert and convincing that they are the bell of the ball for their age. However, when the company leaves, they ask who the company was and why they were visiting.

They rebel at everything you ask them to do for themselves and then blame you when they are not feeling well.

I do not want to put my Mother in a nursing home because she does not deserve to be left alone and visited daily.

Unfortunately, this is the alternative.


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