Freeze Garden Peppers

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Step 1:

Taking the pepper you will need to core and slice into the shape and sizes that will be used. For bell peppers we want to get rid of the stem and all seeds. With jalapenos and other hot peppers most of the heat comes from the seeds so you will want to leave them intact to keep there heat.

Step 2:

With peppers all cut up place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. You don’t want to place peppers on top of each other because we want to quickly freeze dry them. This process will take just a short amount of time you just want the pepper to freeze them remove sheet from freezer. When cutting jalapenos you generally slice in medium chunks about 1\4″. Frozen peppers can be used to make chili, soups, or salads to name a few things.

Step 3:

Immediately after removing from freezer2.gif you will want to place in freezer baggies. Place in serving sizes that will be needed in preparation into each baggie. Label the bags with date and contents. Bags on average are only good for aproximately one year. If you use a vacume seal bag you can squeeze out a little more time than one year. fresh vegtables not only taste good but are also better for you and are better for the enviroment. When you grow your own vegtables you know what goes into making them, meaning no chemicals you don’t choose to put on your food will be there. Doing this process can save you money along with the flavor.


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