Going Green at Home In Two Simple Steps

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The term going green has been a very hot topic around the world for a long time. It’s no wonder with the amount of greenhouse gases being omitted into the atmosphere and the talk about the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer. But fortunately, many millions of people are jumping on board to try to do something about it, because they realized the importance of going green and are doing their part everyday to try and decrease this planets digressive state; thus, making  this world a better place to live, one green choice at a time. News Flash to those who have not yet jumped aboard, but are thinking about going green, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can start going green very easily at home; thus, doing yourself and this planet a world of good from day one, literally. So, if you are such a person and would like to do yourself and this world some good, you can start by implementing and following these two basic steps to decrease your personal foot print today:

  1. Start recycling your trash. If you don’t know where to start, call your local trash company, landfill or City Hall and ask them if they have information on recycling. Recycling is very simple, instead of just throwing all your trash into one container; all you would have to do is separate your trash. In a perfect world, you would have a separate container for plastics, paper products, glass, biodegradable and hazardous waste. Some cities have such separate containers that they lend you to do you separating with, but other’s only give one or two and specifically tell you what goes in each. In such cases, the city collects the contents of each container and sorts the recyclable trash a central collection center.
  2. Conserve energy in your home. Energy conservation is easy if you always keep in this in mind, “use it or turn it on only if you need it, turn it off or leave it off if you don’t need it” – simple. Some homes energy consumption is way too high and the monthly bill show’s it, but this is highly preventable if you always keep the above in mind. Start taking this advice and control your energy consumption in your homes and you will soon notice a difference on your wallet every month. Also, take notice of the date of manufacture of all your major appliances in your home. Chances are if your appliances are older than 10 years old, they are less energy efficient as the one’s being manufactured today. I’m not saying to go out and purchase new appliances, because most of us can’t afford to do that. All I’m saying is, it’s a good idea to know how old they are, so that you can begin to research more energy efficient appliances for your home in the future. Also, if you are still using the old style light bulbs, better known as incandescent bulbs, start buying the new lower wattage fluorescent bulbs as these older bulbs burn out. The newer fluorescent bulbs are more expensive, but are less expensive to operate, last much longer and will pay for themselves in the money you will save in your monthly energy bills.

Start following these two simple steps and you will soon see that going green really isn’t that hard to implement and follow in your life. You’ll be excited at the difference your making, not only in your life and on your wallet, but also for your community and most of all, your planet. You too will soon want to make this contagious and tell everyone you know and start your own green epidemic, because it really is a good thing to do.


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