I Believe This is Life

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I Believe This is Life

Life is full of surprises. It is filled with both memorable and not so memorable things. It’s not always spangled with stars, nor is it packaged like colorful Christmas presents that little boys and girls love to open. Like the sea, it could be placid or turbulent. It could be a saga that can create monuments that people either worship or detest. To some it could be a journey that is worth expediting and to some, a perilous voyage that never ends. What is life to you?

Throughout our lifetime we meet different people and we deal with idiosyncrasies. We choose to value and praise those whose disposition and social status can measure up to ours. We decide to rebel against and despise whoever falls short of meeting our standards. Yes, we tend to judge people according to the outcome of their doings. Sometimes we fail to understand; we forget to look within. We easily brand men according to their accomplishments; and they also do the same.

We count up mistakes and failure, shame and reproach–completely disregarding what’s commendable and not


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